Monday, July 11, 2011

You may ask how and I got into these two Bands. I will explain now starting off with Soft Cell!

The First time I got into Soft Cell, wow I remember it like it was yesterday. Funny thing, I heard "Tainted Love" playing on a Television station called Music Choice on cable. Then heard it off the news too! I asked my family have they heard of the song, my aunts and my mother said yes. For the longest, I would play Tainted Love, at the time, I did not know it was their known Song. I guess I do have good taste! haha. Anyway, After a few months, I was fascinated about them. I will admit, it was pretty hard trying to get into Soft Cell, the titles of their songs were a bit off. Then I realized why not start trying something new? So, I heard like small previews of their songs, and that is where it hit home. "Sex Dwarf" kind of scared me for a moment, eventually listened to it. My cousin bought me my first Soft Cell CD it was a compilation of their songs from Non Stop Erotic Cabaret to This Last Night...In Sodom, with a few of their newer songs from their album Cruelty With Beauty. Later my mother bought me Non Stop Erotic Cabaret, even though she got mad because I asked her, but it was only one CD and she bought like 5 CDs. Anyway, I started liking them and then purchased Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing, The Art of Falling Apart, Memorabilia, Tears Run Rings, Soft Cell live CDs, and a DVD called Soft Cell: Live in Milan. I know it is not much but they did not come out with much but still adore them. I came across fans that came and went gave me rare demos but lost them due to changing computers and all. I will get them again eventually..Since I live in America, I can't really find anything about Soft Cell that much except the internet. So I made this collage jive book about Soft Cell (Some collages are on this blog), I did this on August 3, 2005, so wow almost six years that it was made. It was just basically almost all their interviews and photos I collected, I had so many photos of them, could not help it, I was called obsessed but I know I am not like that just an admired artist that is all. Not a lot of people really never given Soft Cell a chance and they did have a lot of potential, but people just don't know real art. I mean look at their albums using artwork from different people and using themselves in their albums in such odd ways XD. I do like Marc Almond's solo career and Dave Ball in the band called The Grid. Still always adore Soft Cell, and was an influence to bands including The Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, and so forth. Just realized this is a long paragraph, now onward about the Pet Shop Boys!