Monday, July 18, 2011

I am practicing comic art, not bad on this piece huh? XD

This piece is about me between two bands I adore. The punctuation marks are for some specific reasons, the Question Mark is for the Soft Cell song "What?!" The Exclamation mark is for West End Girls, there's a piece of the music video where Neil is singing right next to some lights that look like a "!" so I thought I do that, the symbols and numbers are just some of their songs, in a artistic way. and since English is my difficult subject, I looked stressed yet liberated. my hair fades out. I have a pencil in the background, I draw :P, other symbols, I just like XD. This is just a brief description of the drawing, any questions on other things let me know. I also love the infinity symbol and the number 8 it is right next to my face in a heart symbol. :P