Thursday, October 27, 2011

General Information about our blogs

We're 3 Pet Shop Boys fans who blog about them. Each of us (Lizzy, Jaleen and Clare) own individual blogs dedicated to PSB, each of the blogs are very different (and sometimes will feature non PSB posts on some of the blogs)     <<---our blog page
General Information
This one is Clare's, and my initials will be (CM). I run a review type blog on PSB, that is dedicated purely to their music and giving my opinion to their work. Its a fairly new blog, only started in August but I'm updating it all the time! I tend to concentrate more on their lyrics as opposed to their visual content also. This one is own by me Jaleen. It's basically me posting my art of the Pet Shop Boys and Soft Cell really.
My latest one is I will be discussing my observations of both Pet Shop Boys and Soft Cell videos and Marc Almond videos!.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

After long searching, I finally found this lovely Marc Almond photo of him 1982, oh tumblr. Its funny to find it because few days earlier, I found a Pet Shop Boys photo for Lizzy and she was looking for it for years :P and now it came right back to me O_O

My only Pet Shop Boys Vinyl Opportunities

I got this as a gift for helping some friends out :) its awesome :D
I may not have everything of theirs, but this is all I need really :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My little Soft Cell/Marc Almond collection

---CDs--- ********* just came recently
The Very Best of Soft Cell (needs to be replaced)
Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret (needs to be replaced)
Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret included bonus tracks( needs to be replaced)
Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing (needs to be replaced)
The Art of Falling Apart(was a gift)
Soft Cell/Marc Almond: The Singles(needs to be replaced)
Soft Cell:The Singles (needs to be replaced)
Tear Run Rings (needs to be Replaced)
Soft Cell live 2 disc set(Needs to be replaced)
Soft Cell live 2 disc set same songs different art cover(needs to be replaced)
***********My Hand Over My Heart (was a gift)
 **********Live at the Union Chapel 12 December 2000 (was a gift)
**********Live at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, 1992 (was a gift)

Soft Cell Live in Milan

Soft Cell Demos Non Stop and Bedsit Tapes
other rare songs and from This Last Night....In Sodom
Tainted Life

My little Pet Shop Boys collection, I get whenever I can.

---CDs or with a DVD as well---
PopArt the hits
Disco 2
Disco 3
I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore (single)
Can you Forgive Her? (Single)
The Most Incredible Thing
Pet Shop Boys Live at the O2 Arena + DVD

Somewhere Concert

.45 Opportunities Vinyl B-side Was That What it Was?(was a gift)

---Audios sent to me (The *** indicate Lizzy sent it to me)---
Battleship Potemkin ***
Actually + Further Listening***
Introspective + Further Listening ***
Please + Further Listening***
bits from Very Relentless
Pet Shop Boys Demos (from Various fans)
bits from Beside( from Various fans)


Yes Commentary
Podcasts from March 31, 2009 and April 2, 2009
Word Podcast March of 2011
Pet Shop Boys Really audio documentary (Thanks to Clare showing me the link)
Coming Soon: A Marc Almond review by Neil Tennant from July 8, 1982

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My brief discussion about Pet Shop Boys's Catalogue

Catalogue is a fantastic Pet Shop Boys book. It is a 336 page book with over thousands astounding photographs of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. I asked fans what book would be the first book of the Pet Shop Boys to get, they all told me to get Catalogue. I'm glad I bought it, it really is a fascination to get. It starts off with bits of photos of them from then to now and then during the University Tour. It is like a brief introduction almost like you see a sneak preview of their reflection knowing to be a two guy band that last for so long. Then it takes you back all the way from West End Girls to Battleship Potemkin. What I personally love about the book as an artist, it reveals photos from their promos and so on in an organized fashion. It reveals all their songs that was released as videos and as singles. You can definitely tell their fashion sense was way different like it is now. I also love how they give a brief sample of their other books too. The title of the book really speaks for itself. The well-organized snippets of their music videos. Having contact sheets too and showing how other photos looked like before they chosen the final photo. The Christmas cards are enjoyable to look at as well, it reveals how the musicians have a soft side under their frowns. The Chronology is well put out as well from start to just about finish really, and the conversation of the Pet Shop Boys with Chris Heath (also known for Pet Shop Boys vs. America and Literally and can be heard on the Pet Shop Boys's Pop Art DVD commentary)It also proves to the viewers that Neil and Chris strongly adore art, it reflects on their materpieces. I only wished they could have it to come out around this time, because of their wondrous piece The Most Incredible Thing. I love it when artists know art, observe it and take it as their own and have fun with it. I would highly recommend this book to any fellow artists or any fan that really adore them or love photos! I can also say on a personal note, I practically have my own little collection in one book. It is almost like a guide to their artistic world if you will. I want to say more about the book, but for now this is far as I go.  and it also have on the front cover Chris Lowe in the "Suburbia" photo shoot and Neil Tennant on the back. the hardback have the Nightlife photo in a pinkish orange colour. ) P.S. the photo has a picture of my painting pants on the bottom of the photo XD

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Neil Tennant and Marc Almond drawing complete

I will post the photos they were inspired from. I did this drawing for a German fan of both bands. It's her birthday today. Happy Birthday Melanie! :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Joyous News!

Hello Everyone who reads or even looks at this blog, I was having a miserable day. Until on twitter The NotShopBoys mentioned this art blog, yes, this one. as of todays pages. Thanks to an associate I know it probably mean nothing to others, but to me, it means a whole a lot. I do take art seriously. Thank you and if you want to or feel like it, please have a look around. I want to hear your opinions, comments anything really!  Again much appreciation!
This is what the message said: 
(Today's featured fan site: Nonstop WestEnd Art of Pet Shop Boys & Soft Cell )Jaleen81......................................................................................................................X

Monday, October 10, 2011

Celine's drawing of Neil Tennant!

Hey there, I am not posting art for a while, but I will soon! However, I am posting a drawing a pethead did for me! Her name is Celine :D I asked her to do a drawing of Neil Tennant, I am quite impressed! Proving that, I am posting it as a thank you and appreciation. :) Hope you like it!  The second photo is where the original drawing came from. Thanks again Celine! :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My old Soft Cell geometry kite.

It consists of pictures of colleges I did of Soft Cell basically. Nothing special. And the teacher did say be creative!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I know this is pretty early but I will post it anyway.

It's a birthday drawing for Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys I think he will be 52 this year!, it consists of a previous drawing I did for a fan, one of my best drawings of him. His cartoon character version Kip and my little character Julia Foxx. Hope you guys like it! Thanks!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One of my orders came in the mail today!!!

The autobiography of Marc Almond, Tainted Life! Now I wait for Pet Shop Boys's Catalogue!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Old drawing, its a comic book version of the Pet Shop Boys. I did this for a fan, with paint and ink.

A random post

hi there, I just thought I post that I am getting to books soon. One is called "Tainted Life", an autobiography by Marc Almond, and a book called "Catalogue" by the Pet Shop Boys. Pet head fans highly recommend this book because of all the art in it. And I am a sucker for art! I posted some older art pieces I did during my freshman year of college, hope you enjoy them! Thanks!

I did two people's fan art.Just thiought I added to here, this is one of my best pieces, I think.

Anime versions of the Pet Shop Boys

Another for photography I title this "Living in Oblivion at a dead end world" another one I did few months back

I did this in segments for photography but I'm posting this piece, I title it "Lost in punctuation; in a grammatical world" this was a few months back.

Friday, September 23, 2011

This song is my thinking song. If it was up to me I would have this song as a display ;p

A lovely message from a Marc Almond fan from Russia

Greetings to whoever see this page, I was on Facebook and a lovely Russian Marc Almond fan name Elena Popova wrote this beautiful message in my inbox! After issues were getting worse! this message me almost cry even! I will post more artwork very soon. Please bare with me :P Otherwise please feel free to look around!


Hello, Jaleen! Best wishes to you from far away country named Russia! :)) Now I looked at your page and found that we have many common interests. In addition, we have common friends and acquaintances in Europe and Russia. If you don't mind I would like to be your 777th friend (what's a lucky number!) )))))))))))) xx

About me a little: I am 34 years old, I lived in St. Petersburg (Russia), I love good music, cinema, literature and art. It unites us, is not it? As I see you like Pet Shop Boys, Soft Cell etc. Me too, I love for a long time the music of Marc Almond. And I like the whole British musical culture. And I am interested in anyone who shares my passion for it.

I would be glad to see you in the circle of my friends, Jaleen. Goodbye! :-)))

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I got my laptop back!

Hello everyone! I finally gotten my back in the works! SO more drawings heading your way!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Neil Tennant drawing in animal form.

A pethead friend told me that Neil used a Sharpie to correct a minor error on a graffiti wall. So this drawing I did this scenario but in my cartoon form. I don't know the whole story but yeah this is my version of it. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A bit star strucked few days ago.

Hello I just thought I post this. I'm still on my Android smartphone, but I can handle typing with it. Anyway, few days ago after my birthday. I gotten a message by Val Denham she did Marc and the Mambas album art back in the 80s and she responded to me on Facebook! I was in tears of joy! I couldn't believe she actually responded to someone like me. She's very nice and she was critiquing my artwork and actually wants a drawing from me! It may not be a pet text or a message from Marc Almond but to me, as an artist this really means a lot damn near the world to me. Never thought things like this would happen! I had over 200 birthday wishes, gotten artwork done by sweet pet head friends and a video done by a very nice pet head friend. People say I'm popular but in reality, I am just being myself. I don't copy people or go nuts like some of the fans I encountered. I am an artist at heart. Eversince I been on Facebook and dealt with some Ignoramous fans I can really see why Neil and Chris left Twitter. Some of the things I found out was quite appalling. Even hearing about Marc Almond fans its sad really. What happened to a simple adoration? I just feel really sorry that the Pet Shop Boys and Marc Almond had to go through with nonsense. When all they wanted to do is simply express themselves and bond with their fans the best way they can. They can't even do that without encountering a nutty fan. People get jealous of me for no reason. I don't wish harm to no one or anyone really. All I do is draw and have conversations with people. Some people call me their mentors and what not all because I show them about just being yourself and post their artwork. Sometimes I wonder how people sleep at night doing things. They call it love, but all I see is lust. Just thought I would post this. I was just wanted to say something since I have been posting artwork on here. Please don't think I'm nuts because I'm not. Anyway thanks for looking at my artblog and more artwork will be added here soon! Enjoy!

Please don't think I'm nuts. I was just drawing ideas out.

This is my cartoon animal version of Neil and my character Julia Foxx.

Yoshi version of Marc Almond

Now they are Soft Cell. :P

My cartoon animal character versions of Pet Shop Boys.