Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some progress are being made.

This is Jaleen once again. It appears that my friends are cooling down, I hope it stays that way. I just don't like the fact that my friends argue over things. Everyone is indeed titled to their own opinion. I care about my friends more than myself, I don't like being this way. I can't get over this situation though. It feels like the song "One Things Leads to Another" by the Pet Shop Boys. I am satisfied on how the progress is coming; however, I don't think I will ever be happy until my friends can cope, and be happy. Sometimes I wonder if I failed on being a friend. I just feel hopeless. Because of some fans already, they drive musicians away and ruin such opportunities for fans that have respect for them. But I also don't like how people get degrade in the process too. I was a victim of it, I almost lost my will to draw for people all because of someone degrading me and had people all on my case, but the shoes on the other foot so to speak, I guess I can kind of relate to musicians how they get when people just take it too far. Like I said one time I wonder if I really insult fans, by my actions, I really wonder on that. I love meeting fans, no matter the race, culture or ethnicity. I just be happy and honoured to meet them. I really wish there was peace but It won't happen. Some things I just have to endure. But this will eventually come to pass. I thought I would post this because it feels like I can escape the madness without being in trouble of nonsense rubbish. I am not negative, or put down people unless they do it to me first.