Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The numbers 1981 and 8 are special numbers in my opinion.

Hi there again, it seems like people are looking at my art blog, I am indeed happy, I should post here more often! back to the numbers 1981 and 8, I love the number 1981 in particular number because Tainted Love by Soft Cell became a hit, and the Pet Shop Boys formed in that year too, not to mention they form a day after my birthday! how intriguing is that?! Well if I was around in 1981 that is. I also love the number 8, anything with 8 in it I love!, My birthday is on the 18th on the 8th month which is August. The number 8 is the number meaning New Beginning and horizontally it is the infinity sign! Just thought I post this, If you wonder why I put the number 81 on my stuff, now you see why. Even though I was born in the year 1992.