Sunday, July 24, 2011

I just finished re organizing my Soft Cell/Marc Almond scrapbook

I just got through re organizing the Soft Cell/Marc Almond scrapbook. I can't believe it is almost 6 years old! I had to change it around, I have so much photos! I printed out, oh God!, I guess memory shows that I had an adoration of Soft Cell and Marc Almond. I mean when I reopened it, I could not believe all the photos I had! Every summer, I would make collages and stuff because I had sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much photos, I could not just, I was stunned. I guess it was more of a Tribute to them and Marc. I know that they don't exist or even speak to each other, but I know that their music was one of those thing that had a different beautiful, unique, artistic, I can go on for days here! but yeah. one of the notebooks is heavy! I think one of my friends actually went through all of the photos, the rest barely finish through it! I will post up an updated photo of it later!

Another earlier sketching of the Pet Shop Boys.

Some of my early Pet Shop Boys drawings

I did this Neil Tennant comic for drawing class in college

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My thoughts about Tainted Love by Soft Cell

Wow Tainted Love, a song I can't play as much as I used to! I still love it though! After hearing it off a television station, I just knew it was meant to be...I think. In a artistic way. I played Tainted Love like there was no tomorrow, that was the ONLY Soft Cell song I had at the time. I downloaded I had so many versions of that song, oh man. It was my favourite song. I listened to modern music at the time as well as the 80s song but when I heard Tainted Love, it was just the song for me. I think I wore everyone with that song really. Now I would play every now and then. I did not even know at the time it was a popular song. I just fell in love with it. I know how to play it on my keyboard. I played S.O.S. by Rihanna a lot too, but now I would sometimes, I even skipped over the song. I see why Marc get sick of singing it. But I am glad it happened, If that did not happened, Pet Shop Boys would not ever knew the artistic sounds of a legendary band and one of their major influences. It was that song that proved the Pet Shop Boys, it was okay to be a two guy band, gay or straight, in this case, gay, but after a month while it was still a famous hit, The Pet Shop Boys formed, so happens to be right after my birthday, If I was around 1981 on August 18.

I have New art blog on Enjoy!

I want to hear your opinions! Post away, if you be an ass, I will omit the comments, I don't mind critiquing but don't be a bitch about it, if you have nothing nice to say don't say it, if you want to be harsh don't over do it. I am still a developing artist. I do other art actually, I just do a lot of fan art for fans as well, I will eventually post them here too, and on here, this site is just about as good as a website. you can leave comments and stuff, I have been getting some on my email address. it was quite impressive. But post away and comment away, love to hear your opinions too. it is just like this blogger but in another form! Enjoy! :)

I did this piece for a fan's birthday. A Chibi version of Neil and his dog Kevin with Halos

Feeling better from the craziness

I am feeling a whole lot better from all the madness. My friends helped me go through it. So I feel much better, I know people have their flaws, we are all human so I jut moved on and go with the flow, I have a goal to keep. Art goal that is. I want to say thank you for those who helped me, I really appreciated.

I know this is an art blog but I just have to talk about The Most Incredible Thing

When I first bought The Most Incredible Thing, I was in complete awe! I wanted sooooo bad. I could not believe they had it right close to my school. I never went to this CD store in my life, I would always pass it but when I went there, I was so proud and glad I went to it. They had no Soft Cell stuff sadly, so instead I purchased 4 Pet Shop Boys items. Discography, Somewhere Concert, Pop Art CD, and The Most Incredible Thing. When I got home, I played both CDs, all I can say is pure art! I love the way they had some many genres in them. I mean it went from rave to classical, with then moments, I was like wow! My aunt and I was listening to it, she even agreed. it sound like a bit of Depeche Mode, classical, disco, rave, electronic and so on. Even hearing vocalizations I could visualize the whole story. I like it over all, but my few favourites are The Grind, The Competition, The Meeting, and The Winner. The Competition and The Winner reminded me of Broadway with rave club music. I may not know alot about them but I can surely say this much, they surely know Art when they see it. When I saw other fans having it, I was sad because I heard bits and pieces online and on podcasts, but I had to have it, if I did not get anymore of their music, that was something I had to get. I love classical sounds, and they went above and beyond, I just simply love it. I play it a lot actually, when I clean that's the first thing I would play, even my aunt asked to play while firing fireworks. Even my own mother likes it. She would not expect it coming from them. I saw bits of the play too on YouTube, it is a definitely a MUST SEE, I repeat a MUST SEE!!! I am so glad I purchased it, It was definitely worth buying!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I feel like an inbalance balance

Hello there, it is I, Jaleen. After realizing alot of things lately, this whole week has been a depressing week so far. I talked with friends, It comforted me, but I still feel like my artistic heart has been damaged. I don't want to give up something because of other people, I try not to. I just feel like a total low person. I really wonder about myself. Why artist do what they do, why people do what they do. Some of the things I have seen is really ridiculous. What happened to just being yourself, not trying to be someone your not, and for what? to impress someone, who are really impressing? yourself? I just find it pathetic. If you are influenced by something or someone, you just simply use the ideas and make as your own. Is it really normal to waste money by being something to be someone you're not? I just find useless and simply fake, I am sorry to be honest but that is how I see. I mean I am influence by Pop Art and so forth but I use my style along with it. Not trying to do everything exactly by the book. I wonder about obsessions too, I will never understand them. I mean in the artworld, it is abnormal to NOT have an obsession of something but some people really take it over the top. I just find it weird and insulting. I feel like there is no real love in anyone anymore, more like competition and just like in the Pet Shop Boys's song "Flamboyant" trying to be all showing off to really impress who? I will eventually get over this state of mind, but right now, it is just a burden. When you thought you can trust people in reality, you really can't, they say one thing and make someone look bad and don't even care about what they are doing in the process. Just coldblooded. Why pick on the weak, why pick on the innocent, how do people get a thrill of doing it? I will never understand it at all. If I can't be myself then why should I be among people who only care about impressing someone and making other people look so bad, trying to clear a name which would be hard. I find it just embarrassing really. Maybe some things are better left unanswered...

my Tumblr , I made a tumblr,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I have a tumblr if you're interested :P

Hello I just Th

Some progress are being made.

This is Jaleen once again. It appears that my friends are cooling down, I hope it stays that way. I just don't like the fact that my friends argue over things. Everyone is indeed titled to their own opinion. I care about my friends more than myself, I don't like being this way. I can't get over this situation though. It feels like the song "One Things Leads to Another" by the Pet Shop Boys. I am satisfied on how the progress is coming; however, I don't think I will ever be happy until my friends can cope, and be happy. Sometimes I wonder if I failed on being a friend. I just feel hopeless. Because of some fans already, they drive musicians away and ruin such opportunities for fans that have respect for them. But I also don't like how people get degrade in the process too. I was a victim of it, I almost lost my will to draw for people all because of someone degrading me and had people all on my case, but the shoes on the other foot so to speak, I guess I can kind of relate to musicians how they get when people just take it too far. Like I said one time I wonder if I really insult fans, by my actions, I really wonder on that. I love meeting fans, no matter the race, culture or ethnicity. I just be happy and honoured to meet them. I really wish there was peace but It won't happen. Some things I just have to endure. But this will eventually come to pass. I thought I would post this because it feels like I can escape the madness without being in trouble of nonsense rubbish. I am not negative, or put down people unless they do it to me first.

Barriers: Is too much of everything is never enough?

Hi there, this is Jaleen Again, I just got back from a funeral, so much stress going on. My friends are bickering, and having personal issue. I don't know what to do! I don't want to lose friends in the process. I already did it with Soft Cell fans that became non fans and one PSB fan because putting lies on me as if I did all that dirty work making bands look bad. When really he was simply jealous of me which I don't know why.Why can we all just get along? I mean obsessions can only go so far! I just feel like something bad is going to happen, I hope I don't lose my friends over some bickering. I admire both bands, in a artistic way. but everything else. I have respect for the bands I admire, they influence me as an artist. Artists in general are sensitive. I remember one of my professors told me that, and I do believe that, it is true. It is nothing wrong about being a fan about something, having an opinion is one thing but having a negative opinion is another thing. I just really wish things can go back how they were. I can't stand seeing fans of bands quarrel when it is not necessary. I only be defensive when someone is judging them harshly, but not over an opinion of improvement. I know these two bands I care for are gay or have a gay member, but I don't judge them being gay, I don't care about that!, I care about their music and how they relate to people because they went through the stuff we went through in life. That is why I like them, my obsession is in the artistic realm! that is why I can relate to other artists I guess. I just thought I post this here to get something off my chest. probably don't care what it is being written, but I do. I will post more artwork soon, just right now, I am not really in a good mood to draw at the moment, if I do post some, I probably changed my mind. See you soon!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Another piece I did of the Go West Girls this time in their outfit :)

I did these for the Go West West Girls, It is an encouraging drawing, I love them, hope they will remain best buds for life!

I am practicing comic art, not bad on this piece huh? XD

This piece is about me between two bands I adore. The punctuation marks are for some specific reasons, the Question Mark is for the Soft Cell song "What?!" The Exclamation mark is for West End Girls, there's a piece of the music video where Neil is singing right next to some lights that look like a "!" so I thought I do that, the symbols and numbers are just some of their songs, in a artistic way. and since English is my difficult subject, I looked stressed yet liberated. my hair fades out. I have a pencil in the background, I draw :P, other symbols, I just like XD. This is just a brief description of the drawing, any questions on other things let me know. I also love the infinity symbol and the number 8 it is right next to my face in a heart symbol. :P

Saturday, July 16, 2011

more artwork coming soon!

I have been busy with other art pieces; however, I will post some and upload some too :D Thank you for wait, and feel free looking about on here. Enjoy and thank you for watching or even looking I feel appreciative! :D

my Soft Cell DVD I bought this years back only DVD they had over here..

Some of the Pet Shop Boys's collection I own

These are the 2 albums I need to rebuy plus some Marc Almond CDs can't find them at the moment..

My Aunt bought me something great!!! :D

My Aunt bought me Soft Cell's The Art Of Falling Apart, and the Pet Shop Boy's PopArt DVD she is helping me with my collection of both bands if possible, I'm the kind of person who does not rush getting my stuff, I get it when I get it. I need to re buy two Soft Cell Cds anyway. But I am just glad for what I got, I will post on here what I just bought.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

This is the scrapbook I talked about in one of my post on here It's almost 6 years old!!

Let me just tell you, This is pure art, on here, I am NOT obsessed like you think I am, I have a reason I did this book about Soft Cell, since I live in America, They don't have much about them like they do in England so I made this here book about them :) and have articles, interviews and a lot of collages that you will or have seen in the previous posts I did :P Just thought I let you know, whoever read this article that is. ^_^

A "Heart" drawing.

A Chris Lowe drawing of today :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The numbers 1981 and 8 are special numbers in my opinion.

Hi there again, it seems like people are looking at my art blog, I am indeed happy, I should post here more often! back to the numbers 1981 and 8, I love the number 1981 in particular number because Tainted Love by Soft Cell became a hit, and the Pet Shop Boys formed in that year too, not to mention they form a day after my birthday! how intriguing is that?! Well if I was around in 1981 that is. I also love the number 8, anything with 8 in it I love!, My birthday is on the 18th on the 8th month which is August. The number 8 is the number meaning New Beginning and horizontally it is the infinity sign! Just thought I post this, If you wonder why I put the number 81 on my stuff, now you see why. Even though I was born in the year 1992.

Monday, July 11, 2011

How I got into the Pet Shop Boys

hmmmmmm Where do I start off with this one? My aunt played "West End Girls" once in a while, I liked it. Then another aunt of mine played "Opportunities." so I kept hearing about them every time I searched Soft Cell in the search bar, they were on the related artists section. Then Vh1 played a lot of their videos, I was really fascinated by them. The style fascinated me and the voice and the music too. Then I realized I liked a lot of their songs but did not know about the albums until now and a bit of last year. I started adding (Pethead) friends they were nice sending me songs in files and intrigued me more about them. Even though I met one fan who pretend to be nice to me then lied to make me look bad, but other fans encouraged and now, I am one of the artist that sketch them out for fans, a lot requested drawings of them. I never went to any concerts( not even Soft Cell either was too late) I was always in school or busy. The albums I do have are Pop Art, Discography, I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore (Single), Can You Forgive Her? (Single), Disco 2, Pandemonium Tour CD + DVD, The Most Incredible Thing (thought it was sooooo Beautiful!), and one DVD of the Somewhere Concert. (Just recently got the PopArt DVD, Yes, and Disco 3). Yes, I know it is not much, probably take the word "fan" away from me cause I maybe insulting. It is all I can afford (At the moment). However, I do have alot of their songs in files, and rare stuff. And I must for the longest time, I had a hard time finding information about Neil Tennant speaking highly of Marc Almond, it is like a dream come true. Two singers I like actually talked to each other long time ago, not to mention their birthdays are a day apart! I was so happy to hear it from the horses mouth that the Pet Shop Boys were influenced by Soft Cell! Reading is one thing but hearing it, is just astonishing. Long time search found or at least one of the searches. Some fans may not really pay attention to that, but I do, to know that another band concur with me about Soft Cell, even though they don' t know I exist. I will continue, getting their albums, when I can afford it that is. I remembered getting the Most Incredible Thing, a CD store near my school, I was so ecstatic, and joyous, it was a must buy, in my opinion. I hope to see the ballet too. I would also like to animate a music video by them if that ever even happens, just one or two, don't know, I can dream can I? I was thinking of making a movie of them, maybe if I can. I did see "It Couldn't Happen Here all I can say is pure genius! Art at its best, I love how they can make art into something else, just about how Soft Cell did back then( would love to make a movie about them too! Fans said I should be that person and I want to be that person, hope no one will steal my idea, in a way love how they are not that known only because making a movie would make them known beyond Tainted Love). back to the Pet Shop Boys. Sorry I really like talking about these two bands, they really have a lot of similarities and differences. The Pet Shop Boys to me are like the continuation of Soft Cell but in their form, knowing that two guy bands are just talented. I do love other genres but 80's is my favourite! Just Thought I post something about what I like :) Oh yes the titles of their songs where intriguing too, but, their titles were more convenient titles than where as Soft Cell were like random but still good songs. These two bands to me are worth listening to, and they definitely know art when see it!

You may ask how and I got into these two Bands. I will explain now starting off with Soft Cell!

The First time I got into Soft Cell, wow I remember it like it was yesterday. Funny thing, I heard "Tainted Love" playing on a Television station called Music Choice on cable. Then heard it off the news too! I asked my family have they heard of the song, my aunts and my mother said yes. For the longest, I would play Tainted Love, at the time, I did not know it was their known Song. I guess I do have good taste! haha. Anyway, After a few months, I was fascinated about them. I will admit, it was pretty hard trying to get into Soft Cell, the titles of their songs were a bit off. Then I realized why not start trying something new? So, I heard like small previews of their songs, and that is where it hit home. "Sex Dwarf" kind of scared me for a moment, eventually listened to it. My cousin bought me my first Soft Cell CD it was a compilation of their songs from Non Stop Erotic Cabaret to This Last Night...In Sodom, with a few of their newer songs from their album Cruelty With Beauty. Later my mother bought me Non Stop Erotic Cabaret, even though she got mad because I asked her, but it was only one CD and she bought like 5 CDs. Anyway, I started liking them and then purchased Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing, The Art of Falling Apart, Memorabilia, Tears Run Rings, Soft Cell live CDs, and a DVD called Soft Cell: Live in Milan. I know it is not much but they did not come out with much but still adore them. I came across fans that came and went gave me rare demos but lost them due to changing computers and all. I will get them again eventually..Since I live in America, I can't really find anything about Soft Cell that much except the internet. So I made this collage jive book about Soft Cell (Some collages are on this blog), I did this on August 3, 2005, so wow almost six years that it was made. It was just basically almost all their interviews and photos I collected, I had so many photos of them, could not help it, I was called obsessed but I know I am not like that just an admired artist that is all. Not a lot of people really never given Soft Cell a chance and they did have a lot of potential, but people just don't know real art. I mean look at their albums using artwork from different people and using themselves in their albums in such odd ways XD. I do like Marc Almond's solo career and Dave Ball in the band called The Grid. Still always adore Soft Cell, and was an influence to bands including The Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, and so forth. Just realized this is a long paragraph, now onward about the Pet Shop Boys!

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Stupendous News!

Hi there, This is Jaleen again, I am so happy that I have some followers on my ArtBlog! I am just so Ecstatic!!!! Thank you, you guys, you know how to make me happy!!!! ^_^ I would like to thank Elaine and Maria Jesus!!!!! Welcome! :D

Comic books in the works!

Hi there, I am currently working on some Pet Shop Boys/Soft Cell comic books. I am not as good as DC or Marvel comics, but I am working on it.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hope you like what you see, I work hard on them even though they are quick sketches. I do care about my artwork, still a college student so go a little easy on me! I am also working on comic books too, only in sketchbook form, but it's worth the wait, and everything. And I will make an actual website soon too..Just need to get an actual job besides commission jobs. Also I would like to mention, I am working on a animation project as well, but will add the photos on here at a later date, and hopefully get permission to do so. And, a lot of these artworks were requested by fans :) Thank you for looking and enjoy, and will post more artwork very, very soon! ^_^

Just reposting this because Marc Almond and Neil Tennant's birthday is on the weekend!!!!