Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Barriers: Is too much of everything is never enough?

Hi there, this is Jaleen Again, I just got back from a funeral, so much stress going on. My friends are bickering, and having personal issue. I don't know what to do! I don't want to lose friends in the process. I already did it with Soft Cell fans that became non fans and one PSB fan because putting lies on me as if I did all that dirty work making bands look bad. When really he was simply jealous of me which I don't know why.Why can we all just get along? I mean obsessions can only go so far! I just feel like something bad is going to happen, I hope I don't lose my friends over some bickering. I admire both bands, in a artistic way. but everything else. I have respect for the bands I admire, they influence me as an artist. Artists in general are sensitive. I remember one of my professors told me that, and I do believe that, it is true. It is nothing wrong about being a fan about something, having an opinion is one thing but having a negative opinion is another thing. I just really wish things can go back how they were. I can't stand seeing fans of bands quarrel when it is not necessary. I only be defensive when someone is judging them harshly, but not over an opinion of improvement. I know these two bands I care for are gay or have a gay member, but I don't judge them being gay, I don't care about that!, I care about their music and how they relate to people because they went through the stuff we went through in life. That is why I like them, my obsession is in the artistic realm! that is why I can relate to other artists I guess. I just thought I post this here to get something off my chest. probably don't care what it is being written, but I do. I will post more artwork soon, just right now, I am not really in a good mood to draw at the moment, if I do post some, I probably changed my mind. See you soon!