Saturday, July 23, 2011

I know this is an art blog but I just have to talk about The Most Incredible Thing

When I first bought The Most Incredible Thing, I was in complete awe! I wanted sooooo bad. I could not believe they had it right close to my school. I never went to this CD store in my life, I would always pass it but when I went there, I was so proud and glad I went to it. They had no Soft Cell stuff sadly, so instead I purchased 4 Pet Shop Boys items. Discography, Somewhere Concert, Pop Art CD, and The Most Incredible Thing. When I got home, I played both CDs, all I can say is pure art! I love the way they had some many genres in them. I mean it went from rave to classical, with then moments, I was like wow! My aunt and I was listening to it, she even agreed. it sound like a bit of Depeche Mode, classical, disco, rave, electronic and so on. Even hearing vocalizations I could visualize the whole story. I like it over all, but my few favourites are The Grind, The Competition, The Meeting, and The Winner. The Competition and The Winner reminded me of Broadway with rave club music. I may not know alot about them but I can surely say this much, they surely know Art when they see it. When I saw other fans having it, I was sad because I heard bits and pieces online and on podcasts, but I had to have it, if I did not get anymore of their music, that was something I had to get. I love classical sounds, and they went above and beyond, I just simply love it. I play it a lot actually, when I clean that's the first thing I would play, even my aunt asked to play while firing fireworks. Even my own mother likes it. She would not expect it coming from them. I saw bits of the play too on YouTube, it is a definitely a MUST SEE, I repeat a MUST SEE!!! I am so glad I purchased it, It was definitely worth buying!!!