Monday, July 11, 2011

How I got into the Pet Shop Boys

hmmmmmm Where do I start off with this one? My aunt played "West End Girls" once in a while, I liked it. Then another aunt of mine played "Opportunities." so I kept hearing about them every time I searched Soft Cell in the search bar, they were on the related artists section. Then Vh1 played a lot of their videos, I was really fascinated by them. The style fascinated me and the voice and the music too. Then I realized I liked a lot of their songs but did not know about the albums until now and a bit of last year. I started adding (Pethead) friends they were nice sending me songs in files and intrigued me more about them. Even though I met one fan who pretend to be nice to me then lied to make me look bad, but other fans encouraged and now, I am one of the artist that sketch them out for fans, a lot requested drawings of them. I never went to any concerts( not even Soft Cell either was too late) I was always in school or busy. The albums I do have are Pop Art, Discography, I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore (Single), Can You Forgive Her? (Single), Disco 2, Pandemonium Tour CD + DVD, The Most Incredible Thing (thought it was sooooo Beautiful!), and one DVD of the Somewhere Concert. (Just recently got the PopArt DVD, Yes, and Disco 3). Yes, I know it is not much, probably take the word "fan" away from me cause I maybe insulting. It is all I can afford (At the moment). However, I do have alot of their songs in files, and rare stuff. And I must for the longest time, I had a hard time finding information about Neil Tennant speaking highly of Marc Almond, it is like a dream come true. Two singers I like actually talked to each other long time ago, not to mention their birthdays are a day apart! I was so happy to hear it from the horses mouth that the Pet Shop Boys were influenced by Soft Cell! Reading is one thing but hearing it, is just astonishing. Long time search found or at least one of the searches. Some fans may not really pay attention to that, but I do, to know that another band concur with me about Soft Cell, even though they don' t know I exist. I will continue, getting their albums, when I can afford it that is. I remembered getting the Most Incredible Thing, a CD store near my school, I was so ecstatic, and joyous, it was a must buy, in my opinion. I hope to see the ballet too. I would also like to animate a music video by them if that ever even happens, just one or two, don't know, I can dream can I? I was thinking of making a movie of them, maybe if I can. I did see "It Couldn't Happen Here all I can say is pure genius! Art at its best, I love how they can make art into something else, just about how Soft Cell did back then( would love to make a movie about them too! Fans said I should be that person and I want to be that person, hope no one will steal my idea, in a way love how they are not that known only because making a movie would make them known beyond Tainted Love). back to the Pet Shop Boys. Sorry I really like talking about these two bands, they really have a lot of similarities and differences. The Pet Shop Boys to me are like the continuation of Soft Cell but in their form, knowing that two guy bands are just talented. I do love other genres but 80's is my favourite! Just Thought I post something about what I like :) Oh yes the titles of their songs where intriguing too, but, their titles were more convenient titles than where as Soft Cell were like random but still good songs. These two bands to me are worth listening to, and they definitely know art when see it!