Saturday, October 22, 2011

My brief discussion about Pet Shop Boys's Catalogue

Catalogue is a fantastic Pet Shop Boys book. It is a 336 page book with over thousands astounding photographs of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. I asked fans what book would be the first book of the Pet Shop Boys to get, they all told me to get Catalogue. I'm glad I bought it, it really is a fascination to get. It starts off with bits of photos of them from then to now and then during the University Tour. It is like a brief introduction almost like you see a sneak preview of their reflection knowing to be a two guy band that last for so long. Then it takes you back all the way from West End Girls to Battleship Potemkin. What I personally love about the book as an artist, it reveals photos from their promos and so on in an organized fashion. It reveals all their songs that was released as videos and as singles. You can definitely tell their fashion sense was way different like it is now. I also love how they give a brief sample of their other books too. The title of the book really speaks for itself. The well-organized snippets of their music videos. Having contact sheets too and showing how other photos looked like before they chosen the final photo. The Christmas cards are enjoyable to look at as well, it reveals how the musicians have a soft side under their frowns. The Chronology is well put out as well from start to just about finish really, and the conversation of the Pet Shop Boys with Chris Heath (also known for Pet Shop Boys vs. America and Literally and can be heard on the Pet Shop Boys's Pop Art DVD commentary)It also proves to the viewers that Neil and Chris strongly adore art, it reflects on their materpieces. I only wished they could have it to come out around this time, because of their wondrous piece The Most Incredible Thing. I love it when artists know art, observe it and take it as their own and have fun with it. I would highly recommend this book to any fellow artists or any fan that really adore them or love photos! I can also say on a personal note, I practically have my own little collection in one book. It is almost like a guide to their artistic world if you will. I want to say more about the book, but for now this is far as I go.  and it also have on the front cover Chris Lowe in the "Suburbia" photo shoot and Neil Tennant on the back. the hardback have the Nightlife photo in a pinkish orange colour. ) P.S. the photo has a picture of my painting pants on the bottom of the photo XD