Sunday, August 21, 2011

A bit star strucked few days ago.

Hello I just thought I post this. I'm still on my Android smartphone, but I can handle typing with it. Anyway, few days ago after my birthday. I gotten a message by Val Denham she did Marc and the Mambas album art back in the 80s and she responded to me on Facebook! I was in tears of joy! I couldn't believe she actually responded to someone like me. She's very nice and she was critiquing my artwork and actually wants a drawing from me! It may not be a pet text or a message from Marc Almond but to me, as an artist this really means a lot damn near the world to me. Never thought things like this would happen! I had over 200 birthday wishes, gotten artwork done by sweet pet head friends and a video done by a very nice pet head friend. People say I'm popular but in reality, I am just being myself. I don't copy people or go nuts like some of the fans I encountered. I am an artist at heart. Eversince I been on Facebook and dealt with some Ignoramous fans I can really see why Neil and Chris left Twitter. Some of the things I found out was quite appalling. Even hearing about Marc Almond fans its sad really. What happened to a simple adoration? I just feel really sorry that the Pet Shop Boys and Marc Almond had to go through with nonsense. When all they wanted to do is simply express themselves and bond with their fans the best way they can. They can't even do that without encountering a nutty fan. People get jealous of me for no reason. I don't wish harm to no one or anyone really. All I do is draw and have conversations with people. Some people call me their mentors and what not all because I show them about just being yourself and post their artwork. Sometimes I wonder how people sleep at night doing things. They call it love, but all I see is lust. Just thought I would post this. I was just wanted to say something since I have been posting artwork on here. Please don't think I'm nuts because I'm not. Anyway thanks for looking at my artblog and more artwork will be added here soon! Enjoy!