Thursday, October 27, 2011

General Information about our blogs

We're 3 Pet Shop Boys fans who blog about them. Each of us (Lizzy, Jaleen and Clare) own individual blogs dedicated to PSB, each of the blogs are very different (and sometimes will feature non PSB posts on some of the blogs)     <<---our blog page
General Information
This one is Clare's, and my initials will be (CM). I run a review type blog on PSB, that is dedicated purely to their music and giving my opinion to their work. Its a fairly new blog, only started in August but I'm updating it all the time! I tend to concentrate more on their lyrics as opposed to their visual content also. This one is own by me Jaleen. It's basically me posting my art of the Pet Shop Boys and Soft Cell really.
My latest one is I will be discussing my observations of both Pet Shop Boys and Soft Cell videos and Marc Almond videos!.